Pantene Foam: A Review

When I first received this little guy in the mail, I was skeptical. After all, while I was growing up all of my female friends and I would avoid Pantene like the plague. It makes your hair fall out, right? All those chemicals! HOWEVER, having matured a bit since high school (aka stopped wearing ultra low-rise jeans and lining the living shit out of my eyeballs), I decided to open my mind to the idea of using Pantene in a hair routine. Now, I don't think I could live without it!

I'll start this review off by saying this: I have *very* thin hair. Not only is it hereditary for me, but I also suffer from an iron deficiency that thins it out even more. I would definitely reccommend this product for people who have a similar texture, anywhere from fine to normal hair. Those of you with thick, heavy, luscious curls... well, I can't say DON'T go out and get this product (because it's incredible), but I know a heavier moisturizing cream-based conditioner is what those hair types crave!

Anyways, let's get into it:

The first pump of this product is SO jarring, it feels like shaving cream. I could not decide how I was going to run it through my hair like I do my thick, creamy, conditioning masks. However, once you get past the feeling that you're getting ready to take a razor to your scalp post-application, it's kind of fun! I didn't have to rip the tangles out of my hair like I usually do when trying to spread conditioner evenly to my ends. It just kinda soaks right in. I treated it like any conditioner, 3 minutes in and then rinse.

As soon as I got out and my hair dried (air-dry of course, a lazy-girl's only styling tool), my hair had come back to LIFE. Like I said previously, I struggle with an iron deficiency and had been feeling pretty down about my hair for the past few months. I have all these natural waves that had just fallen dead with my self-esteem. But this conditioner made my hair so fluffy and curlier than it had been in months! I don't think I could go back to my old routine. Pantene, you've really impressed me. I may even go out and see what else this brand has going on.

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