Skin is my favorite thing, so I blog about it. I've struggled with my own skin for many years, all starting around the time I was 13. Tons of appointments, multiple dermatologists, about 40 different prescription oral and topical treatments, two rounds of Accutane, and about a thousand hours spent trying products and researching ingredients later; I am 24 now, and this is the product of everything I have learned.

A little about me: I attended Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in hopes of earning a BFA in Painting/Printmaking. Unfortunately, the reality of financial hardship took it's toll on me sooner than expected. I am now a proud art-school drop out (with plenty of freelancing experience) and am currently employed as a flight attendant for a well-known American airline.


I am influenced heavily by french beauty standards, the color pink, and any anime cool girl with a magical power. My favorite blog is Into the Gloss and I can't tell you how many self-help books I've read.

Aside from the fun stuff, I believe myself to be a very gifted artist and a hard worker despite any poor hands I have been dealt in life. If life is lemons, I'm making a cocktail with it. 

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